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Wendy_Long_Headshot-200x300-150x150Wendy Long: Financial Regulation Is Hurting New York »

The state deserves a senator committed to preserving its leadership in world markets. By WENDY LONG (R, C – NY for US Senate) As I’ve campaigned around New York state over the past two months, one thing… (Long has the conservative line however she faces a 3 way primary for the republican line vs Bob Turner and George Maragos, we support Long who is without question the best candidate vs Gillibrand)

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Chris Collins, who lost his re-election bid for Erie County executive last November, had been considered the favorite for the Conservative line and was backed by Erie County Chairman Ralph C. Lorigo in the 27th Congressional District. Harry Scull Jr. / News file photoNY27: Collins gets Conservative Party Endorsement »

Conservative Party gives House campaign a boost Chris Collins’ campaign for Congress received a major boost Thursday when the state Conservative Party granted its support. State Conservative Chairman Michael R. Long said his Executive Committee voted by a “very high majority” to back the former Erie Co Exec… (The right move, Collins will win, however his primary opponent Bellavia [with all due respect] will implode)

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*May 07 - 00:05*GOP going all out to have Kelly run »

Republican leaders are going to make a full-court press to convince Ray Kelly, NYC Police Commissioner to run for mayor at a meeting on Staten Island early next month — and the city’s top cop will be there to hear them out… (Good, he can win over the disasterous field of democrats)Apr172012 Read More »

renegade-300x236(Some)Renegades Of The Right »

Some local Conservative leaders buck the party’s platform, especially on same-sex marriage Click to enlarge. Conservatives make up a fraction of the state’s voters, with the lowest concentrations in New York City and the highest in Rensselaer and Schenectady counties. Joey Carolino Mike Long, the… (Those is Erie county did the right thing with regards to Grisanti, who we believe to be the worst offender of all. He without question both broke his word and $old out)

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Conservative partyConservative Party Supports Full and Open Disclosure »

We Do Not Support Taxpayer’s Financing Public Officials Campaigns The following Legislative Memo was sent to the Members of the New York State Legislature today: Party…  (Nor do we support it! The truth be told, one of the biggest pushes for this is upon Gov Cuomo by a coalition of Public unions with their ongoing angst over the Citizens United decision, and they are trying to gain back an [unfair] advantage [at the taxpayers expense])

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CoxCox: New York key to GOP’s hold on Congress »

By Jack Sirica Now that Rick Santorum has ceded the Republican nomination for president to Mitt Romney, New York’s importance on the national stage comes down to Congressional elections… (It’s true and don’t loose focus on that)

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Obama Executive Order: Feds To Take Control of Domestic Natural Gas Production

(And with New York having a plethora of natural gas resources you should be especially concerned.)

…But not everyone agrees with what is considered by many to be a further expansion of the federal government into industries traditionally reserved for State regulatory agencies. “We don’t need another working group, or any more bureaucracy, ” responded republican Congressman John Boehner through a spokesman.

According to opponents of the legislation, by Presidential decree the federal government can now coordinate action through thirteen core federal agencies against any domestic natural gas production facility and according to standards determined to be appropriate not by law, but because of political agenda.

Moreover, because a key stated purpose of the Executive Order is to ensure long-term supplies, the President’s decree gives the federal government the ability to shut down gas production operations as they see fit, potentially leading to government price fixing and centralized control of an essential natural energy resource…

Quote of the day, we can’t stop chuckling about:
Ron Paul: “College should refund any students taught the Constitution by Obama”
1199SEIU puts strangle hold on Erie County Exec Poloncarz (A lesson to be learned, they put him in office after all and he let them [er, submitted to them])
April 10, 2012 h/t
Panorama Hispano By: Marcos Lebron

1199SEIU political coordinator Jennifer Hibit served as Poloncarz’s campaign manager and now his chief of Staff or some would say the County Executive herself. From the beginning of the campaign, 1199SEIU members managed the entire campaign, phone calls, knocking on doors, and raised large sums of dollars for the Polancarz campaign. 1199SEIU members along with County unions were responsible for engaging voters in the city of Buffalo for an unexpectedly high turnout from inner city communities. “It was the city vote that won the election for Poloncarz,” said 1199 Delegate Annie Lewis.

Now city residents are wondering if they made the right choice! Voters from the Hispanic, African American and GBLT community have expressed unhappiness with the County Executives lack of Hispanic, African American and GLBT appointments to top cabinet positions or even within his office.” Not one person of color (which has what the heck to do with homosexuals?) can be seen in the County Executive’s office said Mike Ramos”

Many leaders in the minority community have complained that access to the County Executive has been limited by Jennifer Hibit who often intercedes the his calls and limits his access at public events. Elected officials in the city likewise have complained of their inability to reach the County Executive or even receive a returned call from him. Instead, they often must speak to Jennifer Hibit. The other complaint from many leaders is that Jennifer Hibit is often condescending rolls her eyes or often disregards their concerns and that at meetings with her she is often texting and not paying attention to the matters at hand, leaving many issues unresolved.

Within the County legislature members of the Democratic cause have spent most of their time restoring union jobs cut by former County Executive Chris Collins to bolster union membership and strengthen the union’s political power. A downside for county taxpayers who will have to pay the swelling cost of bloated government.

During Poloncarz’s campaign he promised to bring government back to the people of Erie County and that he would represent everyone. So far the sentiment is that unions are the only thing that matters and that Jennifer Hibit is running things.

Mark Glowalski a community activist in Cheektowaga asked “what experience does Jennifer Hibit have to run County Government “ A review of public records shows that her only experience since leaving college has been working on political campaigns including convicted Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and George H. Ryan- both are serving time in Federal prison for corruption.

PoliticsNY.Net: Political Notes April 21, 2012

Very interesting developments with the State IP Committee. Chairman Frank MacKay held his endorsement session Saturday (today).
Michael Madigan (R) has the IP endorsement over Brian Higgins in the 26th.  (Fabulous, and we really don’t care why, go Mike!)
Why Madigan? “Vice Chairman Tom Connolly told Liz Benjamin, the endorsement was more anti-Higgins than pro-Madigan. The Indys have had a beef with a certain segment of the WNY Erie County Democratic Party (read: Chairman Len Lenihan and Higgins) since – as Connolly tells it – they tried to take over the local Indy Party in 2006 by running a slate of committee chairs against the party loyalists.”
In the 27th Chris Collins (R) was endorsed by the State Committee. (Good move, of strawwoman Hochul’s 2 opponents, Collins is the winning choice) Kathy Hochul has a throw in IP member so Collins will have a primary.
Incumbent Tom Reed (R) in the 23rd. (No doubt the right move considering his maion Democrat opponent is an Ithaca Socialist {excuse me, “progressive”})
Incumbent Ann Beurkle (R) has the endorsement in the 24th. (It’s good to see the IP’s recognizing the re-awakening of American civics, constitutional concerns, and therefore conservative shift. Beurkle is considered to be NY’s most conservative House member after all.)
Monroe County is constituted & Maggie Brooks (R) has the IP endorsement over Louise Slaughter in the 25th as previously reported. (This ones a no brainer, who but democrats and other leftists could ever support the “Slaughter rule”.)
Also: Rep. Steve Israel-D, Rep. Peter King-R, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy-D, Assemblywoman Grace Meng-D (running in a four-way Democratic primary in NY-6), Rep. Mike Grimm-R, Rep. Nita Lowey-D, Rep. Nan Hayworth-R, Rep. Chris Gibson-R, Rep. Paul Tonko-D, Matt Doheny-R (challenging Rep. Bill Owens), Rep. Richard Hanna-R.